Sponsors & Backers

The continued development and maintenance of MudBlazor is secured by our sponsors.

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What we do

Oversee the library as a whole
Planning features and deciding which ones should be implemented and which should not
Develop new features and ideas
Fix reported bugs
Write new documentation and improve on old
Adopt new versions of .NET and Blazor
QA, creating tests or manually testing
Manage Issues/Feature Requests/Discussions/Pull Requests/Reviews on GitHub
CI/CD workflows to ensure continuous delivery/deployment
Community building, e.g., Reddit, Twitter, Stack Overflow, Discord

Where does the money go?

All funds are going to Gardnet AB which is a Swedish company owned by Garderoben, the creator of MudBlazor.

Gardnet AB is using the funds to:

Secure MudBlazor's future as the best choice out there.
Cover expenses related to development of MudBlazor, e.g., domain names, certificates, hosting and licenses.

MudBlazor Sponsors
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